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The goalpost is always moving when it comes to driving traffic from organic results. Fear not though our guide takes you through some of the most useful SEO tools to help you.


Probably one of the most widely used and recommended SEO tools. Ahrefs is the second largest website crawler, second to none other than the almighty Search God Google. Ahrefs being so large has incredible amount of useful data. Features allow you to understand your competitor backlinks.

Google search console

We love the Google search console because it’s free to use, never a bad thing! In short the Google search console allows you to understand your own site performance within Google’s SERP.


SEM:Rush has a loyal user base and most SEO gurus swear by it. What’s to love I hear you say? SEM:Rush quickly allows you to asses how you are ranking and opportunities of where you could be ranking. Features include allowing you to understand and compare keyword, search data across your own and competitor sites.


Yup, it’s called screamingfrog. A great little tool that quickly and easily allows you to see some of those technical issues within your site that might prevent search engines crawling your site or surfacing you at the top of the results pages.


Developed by the highly reputable Neil Patel, this keyword finder tool helps you identify keywords, but most importantly the intent behind every keyword. What’s even better is it’s free!

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