CPI Advertising

Anyone who’s been involved in launching a mobile app how difficult it is to gain traction and boost downloads. The mobile app industry is an increasingly competitive and complex environment, and it is nearly impossible to appear on any top list without including CPI advertising in your marketing strategy. 

Our team will run your app install campaigns from start to finish (or if you prefer, we will provide you with the tools to do it yourself) while operating towards a target cost per install KPI.

What is CPI advertising?

CPI, or Cost Per Install Advertising, refers to the strategies used to maximise app installs. It is also often referred to as App Install Advertising. The cost can be calculated on a fixed or bid rate and as the name implies, the cost only occurs when the app is downloaded. 

These ads are designed to encourage app installs outside of the app store environment, most commonly on social media.

Benefits of app install advertising
  • Maximises the number of app installs
  • Only pay when the app is installed
  • It helps boost rankings in app stores
  • Effective targeting options
  • Results are instant and easy to track
  • Increases organic traffic and brand awareness