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We find some of the best customers can be acquired through PPC advertising. To get the most out though there are a number of free PPC tools that can be your best friends. Our short guide takes you through the best forgetting all the rest.

Google and Bing Keyword Planner

Sure, the results can be a bit random or frankly wrong but on the whole these free PPC tools are excellent starting points especially for advertisers who don’t have pockets as deep as Amazon.

 Google Search Console

We’ve talked about the Google search console in some of our other blog pieces. The Google search console helps you to report on how successful your site is in Google SERP. You can set up alerts, see page performance and submit site maps.


In the same category as Ubersuggest and great for searching for some of the really longtail results  outthere from a wide range of search engines


Developed by Neil Patel this useful tool is best geared to keyword suggestions from Google

Somewhere in the middle of Soovle and, this great PPC tool allows you to see keyword results from Ebay, Amazon, Google and Bing.

If your looking to drive customer acquisition and need help with your paid PPC, drop us a line, we’d be happy to share some tips n tricks. 

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